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Bentley Maintenance Plan



We offer many top brands of maintenance plans, including Bentley Maintenance Plan. Our Bentley Maintenance Plan start from only R99 a month for our core basic option. 


People always want to learn from experience, horrible, dangerous and some life threatening. However some of the experiences you don’t necessarily have to go through them yourself, who said you cannot learn from other people’s experiences, yes you can make other peoples experiences your best teacher. It so happens that one day one is happy that they have bought their first car, and the other they are stranded and flustered failing to meet the high cost of maintaining their motor vehicles or they do know what to do on a breakdown. Car maintenance Plan has always been the best solution to all the unexpected car maintenance expenses. Get yourself a car maintenance plan and be curtain that you are well covered for all the regular motor vehicle maintenance checks and repairs that are essential to make sure that your car is roadworthy. Taking out a car maintenance plan will work out to be economic, because we have relationships with reputable and car maintenance specialist we negotiate for better deals than taking your car for maintenance on your own. Get in touch with us and we can discuss a premium that best suit your pocket and needs, we have a variety that you can choose from.


Ford Maintenance Plan